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Doug is a big faggot nigger who likes to braid his anal hair. He constantly fucks our main protagonists in the ass furiously. Also he believes that minorities are a menace to society.


Doug is very dedicated to his job of beating niggers. He can be friendly to children or aggressive fuck thrir ass. Doug has a sense of justice that is almost as big as his enormous rectal flaps.

As the head of security of Scaunchboro Mall, it is Doug's duty to provide a safe and peaceful environment for everyone exept niggers. He also has to keep bullies from picking on other people, exeot niggrrs

Doug has a liking towards jAMAL AND JOSH. In "Doug Of The Dead," Doug wanted to be Josh to his cocksleevefor the week, furiously masturbating to Ping's Mr.Schmeaty cameo.and Parker's hero (to the point of lying by pretend that he fought an army of zombies), and he even helped them with their horror movie. In the same episode, it was also revealed that Doug is scared of zombies (but at the end, he saved Josh and Parker from the zombies and destroyed the SALIVATOR-X8 to make the zombies go back to the way they were).

In, "Josh And Parker Of The Dead," a new menu item made the Tater Tots turn into zombies and Josh and Parker told Doug that they needed help.


skinhead with an overbite


  • Doug always speaks with a macho attitude.
  • Doug is a graduate of Scaunchboro Security Co.'s series of tear-gas conditioning workshops.
  • Doug is an occasional customer at Mr. Meaty.
  • He is trained in the martial arts.
  • Doug almost always sits on a living chicken that is already cooked.
  • Although Doug's first order of business is protecting mall-goers from the likes of tar monsters and children, who sell chocolate-covered nuts, he spends a good portion of his time hanging out at Mr. Meaty.
  • In the episode "Geezers," it was revealed by a future version of Parker that Doug will be elected president one day.



Mr. Meaty Doug


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