Ping is a character in Mr. Meaty. His first appearance was in "Ninjam," in which he taught Josh and Parker to be ninjas; in the end, after it was revealed that Ping taught everyone to be ninjas, Ping made them eat the Chicken Ball of Dishonor to make them forget being ninjas forever because they used their powers for revenge.


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Ping Was Hidden Waving To The Screen At The End Of My Eddie. Ping eventually committed suicide in his temple. His son, Pong, continued his legacy by playing piano and becoming a math professor at the University of Kungpow. Pong also eventually committed suicide, but this scene was only available to all members for a short amount of time. Ping was revived in a later episode, only to be shot by his reincarnated son, Ping-Pong. Ping-Pong became the dictator of Mr. Meaty and forced all white customers to cut off one of their fingers each time an item was purchased from the burger establishment. Life was short of Ping-Pong, as he was eventually assassinated by the other communists from around the world.